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I remember this

from a comic saw on some random imageboard
are you the same guy who made that comic and remade it in flash?
I literally LMAO'ed and rubbed my A afterwards to see if this actually works but I guess the moral of the story also applies for that

great one

I'll be the first to ask...

Name of chick please

I won't lie about it, I'm asking her name to search her and fap to some pics of her beautiful titties and pussy whilst I'm smearing peanutbutter all over my face.
I'll be doing all of this with this video in my mind

funny video
2nd guy ruled, he's like the 'deal with it' guy

so yeah....

where are the boobs? and who's the number 1 hot video game chick
I need answers dammit!

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Cool game

always nice to see some sort of 'intelligent test' game on NG
I really enjoy this kind of games

no bugs and the design is simple yet it fits the theme

the only problem I'm having is that you can decide between 'qwerty' and 'azerty' in the speed test
it's a bit annoying to see highlighted letters that are placed on a different spot

next to that small detail, I don't see any problems
well done!!

great minigame

and a great tribute as well
the only thing that could need improvement is to not let those people dissappear if you wait too long to get your drink
the scrolling of the screen actually is the deadline to get your drink before you have to wait for the next one, so let them just try and help their hero without going inside if peeman is taking too long

and now in egoraptor's best voice

"GOD, there's piss everywhere!"

Finally a new version of one of my fav games

the bomb is a cool upgrade to get to the ground when your fuel is almost empty
addictive game once again and I loved the bosses

although it would be cool if you could have added more missions
it's nice that you've put a variety in them (like dodging the bombs etc) but like a few people said, the adventure mode is kinda 'short'
if you're planning a fourth version perhaps add several stages to each mission so you have more missions to play before you reach the boss

perhaps add a few minibosses as well
for example if your goal is to get a 50 combo, that there's some sort of flying miniboss who's trying to push you to the ground

next to that, another wonderful game made by you guys

also the whole starfox reference made my whole day ^^
It's weird that I actually remembered the whole SF dialogues :D
nice touch ;)

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This is the song

chuck norris is listening to when he's jacking off

pure awesome!

when this song is playing, tricky the clown is able to beat up jesus AND chuck norris

loving the fast paced tune here + it matches the madness completely
Tom made a good pick for his game cause this song is above awesome

it's... weird madness! :D

Pocketpod responds:

Thank you dude!

Cool man!

Brings back good memories

I just watched baconuden, and when I heard this version I was like "OMFG, chill yet cool at the same time"

I think I will play this song next time I'm smoking my water pipe
cheers for this one!

Majorgeneral responds:

thanks for the review

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are you vincent van gogh's kid or something?
that's insane!

Can't go wrong with panda's

cool image
did you pass with this? I'm sure you did :)
I love the contrast between the nature background and the clothed panda
A TOP job!

hey that's akron!

cool work, I just beat the game on normal and it's been a while since I checked your workshop
This was one of the most challenging bosses in the EBF series
I just like how you always create lots of detail to your images, I especially like the painted chains in akron's mouth
making it look more brutal

It would be cool if one of his eyes was showing though
but all in all, you've got some skills and I'm serious about my game review... if you were able to sell your individuel series as a PC/gameboy game I'm sure you would become a millionaire :p

Now I'm off to defeat it on epic mode :D

Just a fan of this site, I'm not a programmer or music artist, but I do appreciate the work that the other members make here NEWGROUNDS!

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